Fast Track to Group Sales Summit September 25, 2019

Fast Track to Group Sales Summit September 25, 2019

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Fast Track to Group Sales
is the ultimate in group sales training programs.

Selling is an art. Understanding what your customers truly want and learning how to communicate with them will revolutionize your group sales and transform your customers’ experience with your facility.

During this exclusive, two-day summit, participants will receive cutting-edge training that inspires, educates and motivates. The team at SherylGolf brings unparalleled knowledge of the FEC industry. Participants will get the training they need to become group sales superstars. Here’s a sampling of the topics that will be covered:

  • Start your engine: Mastering the sales process
  • Identifying eight key steps for each sale
  • Dealing with objections (win-win)
  • Finding decision-makers
  • Using conversational introductions to closing more groups
  • Understanding the value of social selling
  • Gaining insight on companies/groups that you want to book at your park
  • Keeping your tank filled: Effective targeting
  • Mastering vertical markets
  • Knowing who to call and when to call
  • Identifying the “Top 100” people to know
  • Learning the “Alphabet Soup” of the industry
  • Tools for winning: Essential items that keep you on track
  • Implementing simple systems that are easy to use and easy to replicate
  • Creating effective Group Sales forms, templates, policies and procedures that make you more productive
  • Developing promotional materials that support your programs
  • Finding and keeping a well-balanced team
  • Gaining the advantage over your competition
  • Rev up your engine: Products that provide “fast lane” results
  • Group packages – team building events – lock-ins
  • Special events – partnerships – donations-to-dollars
  • Edutainment – tapping into colleges, schools, and camps
  • Crossing the finish line: Improving productivity and profit
  • Differentiating between time management vs productivity
  • Avoiding time traps
  • Prioritizing and delegating for success

Highly-interactive sessions, packed with activities and strategies to implement immediately!

Sheryl Bindelglass is the go-to authority for companies large and small, helping them attain profitable results, year after year. This marketing pro has more than twenty-five years of solid industry experience. She has broken records for sales and has won numerous awards for achievements in retailing, marketing and operations.

Her company, SherylGolf, provides a full range of services to clients in all types of businesses from across the country and around the world. Her expertise has helped hundreds of business owners with marketing, operations, sales, and staff training. With her vast experience, she has walked a mile (or more) in their shoes, and has lived to tell the story.

Sheryl is the author of numerous articles on marketing and profitability that have appeared in various trade publications. In addition, her books, “The PROs Guide to Marketing” and “The PROs Guide to Group Sales” continue to receive rave reviews. Her book, “FUNdamentals of the Party Business” is already in its fourth run, and her workbook, “Fast Track to Sales” is helping grow sales around the world with time-tested forms, programs, and lead sheets.

Her passion and enthusiasm for helping clients is truly contagious!

Sheryl will help you attain the results you desire. Her consulting sessions are informative, energizing, and fun. They will help you quickly achieve your goals. She delivers programs that you can quickly adapt to your business to help grow sales and profits. Sheryl’s programs are memorable and her results are, too.

When the “Top FEC’s of the World” want the best advice and results, they turn to Sheryl.

Need Additional Information? Contact Sheryl at 732.302.4439 (office) 732.991.5644 (cell)

We can’t wait to help you grow your sales!

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