About Sheryl Golf

Sheryl Golf is a nationally recognized business enhancement firm, serving the golf, recreation, family entertainment and retail industries. Our mission is to deliver practical, easy-to-implement solutions that increase your profits and improve your operation, while keeping your core customers happy, entertained and returning.

Our Achievement and Expertise

Interviewed more than 10,000 applicants

70+ training and speaking events last years

Trained More than 5,000 Team members

Helped clients generate MILLIONS in revenue from parties & groups

Created more than 75 marketing plans

Our Core Values

Our values are easy to remember, because we live them with every client, every day.

  • We DREAM big
  • We work hard, WORK SMART and get things done
  • We are PASSIONATE, bringing enthusiasm and commitment to our clients
  • We are INNOVATIVE, embracing lifelong creative thinking, and challenging the status quo
  • We focus on PEOPLE. Our business is all about interactions, not transactions
  • We never stop LEARNING and growing. We embrace change to drive change
  • We make an IMPACT for clients, audiences, our team and the communities we serve
  • We focus on RESULTS and deliver amazing service
  • We put FUN at the forefront. We are edgy and never act our age
  • We believe in being EXTRAordinary!

We Promise :

  • To listen carefully to your needs
  • To be open, honest and respectful
  • To keep on top of all the latest trends, research and information
  • To keep your information confidential at all times
  • To be the fresh set of eyes you need when evaluating your options
  • To trust your judgment when deciding which of our solutions will work best for your business

How We Work

We deliver practical, easy to implement solutions for your unique business. Our services are always fully customized and designed to meet your distinct needs. Whether you’re a veteran businessperson with a going concern, or a new owner just getting started, Sheryl Golf has ideas, information and innovative approaches that will turn a good business into a great business.

You need Sheryl Golf on your team if:

  • You want a down-to-earth, industry veteran who has answers to all of your operational questions.
  • You want to make your business easier to run
  • You want to get the best deals from all of your vendors
  • You want to get the biggest bang for your advertising and marketing dollars
  • You want to hire, train and retain the best employees
  • You want to make money with group sales and birthday parties
  • You want your special events to go off without a hitch
  • You want to develop a loyal customer base
  • You want to get the edge on your competition
  • You want to get the edge on your competition

And, most importantly,

  • You want to turn a profit, year after year

Who We Are

We are business owners, managers and communicators with more than 20 years’ experience marketing, promoting, and running businesses of our own.

CEO Sheryl Bindelglass spent more than a decade as the operator of an award-winning golf complex that featured: a “Top 100” pro shop, 140 range booths, a short course, a putting course, an adventure miniature golf course, go-karts, batting cages, bumper-boats, and other recreation activities.

Our advantage is that we have walked a mile (at least) in your shoes, so we know about the  challenges you’re facing, and we have the expertise to help.