Group sales and parties are a big part of any successful facility. Every business can benefit from Sheryl Golf’s practical, proven strategies for increasing revenue, growing your attendance numbers and creating satisfied, return customers.

Waiting for walk-in customers is 10 times harder than booking groups and knowing you have guaranteed revenue. Too often, businesses let groups come to them, instead of actively seeking group business. Imagine how many more groups you would book if you had strong systems in place to attract and retain groups.

Our programs and services have helped hundreds of facilities, from single family owned, to multi location, to national franchises.

We specialize in:

  • Group Sales Potential Income Analysis – uncovering the actual dollars that your business can earn with group sales efforts
  • Creating your sales dashboard – setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure sales goals and track your success
  • Finding and getting the high-value group sales clients
  • Fast Track to Group Sales Training Program – a comprehensive training program to turn staff into sales people
  • Sales Training, Mentoring and Coaching Programs – individualized sessions with key staff members to take their selling potential to the next level of achievement
  • Identifying, auditioning and hiring your next “rock star” sales person
  • Crafting the ultimate job description and compensation package to attract and retain the right sales people
  • Simplified systems and procedures – the only playbook you need to keep your sales on track
  • Using group sales to enhance your marketing and customer loyalty strategies
“Are you leaving money on the table? Do you know your group sales potential? Let us help you turn your staff from order takers to sales makers”

Fast Track to Sales

This activity-filled handbook provides you with all the tools you need to develop a top-notch group sales program. Each activity is designed to help you navigate through the sales process, from understanding what obstacles you will face, to creating a sales dashboard that will speed you toward success. The workbook also features proven tools, like a group sales checklist, rookie resources and a list of over 125 groups you can pursue.

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