Sheryl Golf offers a series of Platinum Training Programs that are custom designed to fit clients’ needs. Focus areas include group sales, party sales and service, customer service, leadership, Human Resource development, public speaking and retail operations. All training is interactive, fun and designed to inspire, educate and motivate staff. A few key examples include these popular programs:

Fast Track to Group Sales

Selling is an art. Understanding what your customers truly want and how to communicate with them will boost your group sales to new heights. This full-day workshop covers everything needed to fill your facility with guests. You will spend the day learning industry best practices. You’ll gain a greater understanding of the sales process and systems that will make your job easier. Topics covered in this full-day workshop include: hiring the best candidates for your team, systems and processes that give you the advantage, products and packages that grow profits, managing time effectively, understanding vertical markets, generating and qualifying leads, closing the sale and ensuring repeat business.

Party Sales 101

Improving on the party booking experience will help increase sales and build your competitive advantage. The Party Sales 101 training session is designed to help your team improve their ability to connect and close more sales calls. Your team will gain a greater understanding on the importance of each party inquiry (on the phone, in person, and online) and will learn proven techniques for answering the phone, knowing what to say, how to say it, winning party parents’ confidence and booking more part

Party PRO Program

The Party Pro training session is designed to help your team improve their ability to create memorable experiences for your guests. Hosting legendary parties will turn your party parents and guests into raving fans, who, in turn, become your best marketing tool. Your team will gain a greater understanding about role they play in making party experiences memorable, and they’ll have fun learning new skills.

Customer Service Champions

Customer service is not a department or a person. It is everyone’s responsibility. Customer Service Champions is an introductory training session is designed to help your team understand their role in developing a culture of consistent service. It is a high-impact session that educates and motivates attendees to improve their ability to delight customers.

Guest Experience Experts

Improving guests’ experiences with your business drives value and builds your competitive advantage. The Guest Experience Expert training session digs deeper, training your team to create EXTRAordinary, memorable experiences for your guests. Team members will gain a greater understanding of how guests’ experiences impact your bottom line, and theirs.

Leadership – Your Competitive Edge

Great leadership does not happen by accident, it happens by design. This training session covers the essentials of creating and sustaining leaders at every level of your organization. Topics covered include: setting and meeting expectations, creating an open communication culture, encouraging delegation and accountability, recognizing and rewarding performance, creating ownership, understanding influence, adding value and coping with change.

STEP Up - Turning staff into Supervisors

Superstar frontline employees can become excellent supervisors with the proper guidance. The STEPUp (Supervisor Training Essentials Plan) program provides the top, teachable skills needed to help employees succeed after their promotion. Topics covered include: making the transition from a buddy to a boss, managing time for maximum productivity, understanding and working with different personalities, communicating effectively, making appropriate decisions and gaining trust and support.

The Art of Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Being able to speak in public is essential to success. This session helps attendees overcome fears and create presentations that make lasting impressions on their audience. Attendees will learn the key components to great presentations, ways to structure ideas simply and clearly, effective strategies for staying cool and confident, handling difficult questions, and much more.

The Detail of Retail

Whether your space is large or small, there are proven ways to increase sales and improve operations. This training session reviews the best practices from leading retailers around the world and provides proven strategies for creative merchandising, streamlined procedures and easy to use systems that will increase sales and profits. Topics covered include: getting and keeping great team members, effective ways to up-sell and cross-sell for maximum profits, fostering customer loyalty and creating lifelong customers.